Pute noire en Saint Jorioz

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Eugena - 8 Febrero 19:03

Y tambien los clasicos:

Maynard - 23 Julio 13:36

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Estelle - 3 Marzo 05:28

There are definitely things my school could have done better (talked more about consent, LGBTQ relationships, actually had us put a condom on something, stuff like that), but all in all I'm really glad they made us take that class and I think all other public schools should do the same, if not better.

Jannette - 20 Octubre 05:00

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Admin - 28 Septiembre 23:42

Remember that love and lust are things that arent PC, they may not even be rational. People do not deserved to be shamed for not wanting to sleep with a black/white/brown/asian/canadian person.